REDHS Services

Rural and Isolated Practice Registered Nurses (RIPRN)

A rural and isolated practice registered nurse (RIPRN) is a nurse that has undertaken additional training to provide a wider range of primary care and emergency services from rural health services.

There are many instances where you can be treated by a RIPRN without needing to be seen by a doctor.

At REDHS, our RIPRN team helps fill the gap in rural medical settings and improve the availability of medical services. RIPRN training enables nurses to extend the scope of their practice as first-call health practitioners. It provides another means to ensure the sustainability of after hour medical services for our region.

REDHS RIPRN trained nurses have more advanced skills in assessing patients and can begin treating them without waiting for a doctor. They can also provide approved medicines from Schedules 2, 3 and 4, including pain relief and antibiotics.