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Information for Carers

Victoria has legislation that recognises, promotes and values the role of carers. The Carers Recognition Act 2012 recognises, promotes and values the role of carers. The Act formally acknowledges the important contribution that people in care relationships make to our community and the unique knowledge that carers hold about the person in their care.

The Act is supported by The Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships.

Care relationship principles

The Act includes principles that support organisations must take into account, including:

  • principles relating to carers
  • principles relating to people being cared for
  • principles relating to care relationships.

Principles relating to carers

A carer should:

  • be respected and recognised:
    • as an individual with their own needs
    • as a carer
    • as someone with special knowledge of the person in their care
  • be supported as an individual and as a carer including during changes to the care relationship
  • be recognised for their efforts and dedication as a carer and for the social and economic contribution to the community arising from their role as a carer
  • have their views and cultural identity taken into account, together with the views, cultural identity, needs and best interests of the person for whom they care, in matters relating to the care relationship. This includes when decisions are made that impact on the carer and the care relationship
  • have their social wellbeing and health recognised in matters relating to the care relationship
    • have considered in decision making the effect of being a carer on their participation in employment and education.

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