Consumer Information


We are committed to providing you with a quality service, which includes protecting your privacy. This page explains the types of personal information we collect and how it is used, what happens to the information and how you obtain access to your personal health record.

What information is collected and why?

When you become a patient, resident or client of REDHS, a health record is created. Every time you attend one of our services, information is added to your record. Some of this will be recorded and stored on computer systems, in addition to a paper-based record being maintained.

Personal information collected includes:

  • Your name, date of birth, address and contact details
  • Billing information, if applicable
  • Details about your diagnosis, treatment and the outcomes of your treatment

We only collect information necessary for us to provide for your care and treatment during your visit / stay, and, your potential care plan beyond. It is important to keep your information up to date and we ask you assist in keeping your details current.

Protecting Your Privacy

We ensure personal information is secure through policies regarding access, handling, stoage and disposal. The information that is collected about you is stored securely and is only accessed by authorised staff.


In addition to care provision, planning, quality research and billing, personal information relating to you can only be disclosed subject to

  • The law requiring disclosure, for example, notification of infections diseases and certain types of canver
  • Subpoena of information for court hearings
  • Under other legislation such as Mental Health Act 2014 (Vic), Children and Young Person’s Act 1988 (Vic)
  • You (or next of kin) consenting to the disclosure of information

Access to Your Information

Members of your health care team are the best source of information about your care and treatment. It is important or you to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your condition and treatment with a staff member involved in your care.

You (or your authorised representative have the right to request access to your medical record and personal information held by us.

An application is necessary and you may be required to pay a fee and provide relevant supporting identification.

We comply with all Victorian legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy including the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic), Health Services Act 1988 (Vic), Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

For concerns relating to privacy, requests for information regarding our policies or to apply for your records, please contact the Privacy Officer on (03) 5484 4451.

REDHS does not use your personal information for the organisation’s fundraising activities or for any other commercial use.