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My Emergency Doctor

My Emergency Doctor is a telemedicine service providing access to an emergency specialist for acute medical conditions in conjunction with our Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs).

It is a specialist service for non-emergency category 3,4 & 5 patients that can be used out of hours when our VMOs are on a scheduled break.

A free service, attending physicians from My Emergency Doctor are senior emergency specialists who support hospital clinicians by working closely with them as medical emergency consultants.

The physicians are skilled to provide secondary support or supervision for nurses, clinical care coordinators and other doctors through rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients, prescribing medication, arranging referrals to specialists for non-urgent cases and creating event summaries post-consultation.

Important: My Emergency Doctor is not a replacement for a GP or ambulance service. If a person is suffering a time-critical emergency and / or is unconscious, has chest pain, difficulty breathing, uncontrolled bleeding or has been in a major accident, please dial Triple Zero – 000, immediately.

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