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Rochester and Elmore District Health Services is a public health service that complies with HealthShare Victoria (formerly Health Purchasing Victoria) contracts and policies. The REDHS procurement team facilitates the purchase of all goods and services for the organisation, including the preparation and management of all contracts, agreements and tenders.

The following information will assist you to participate in procurement activity with REDHS.


REDHS Procurement Profile

The procurement team profile is outlined below, with additional procurement transactional services being provided within the Buildings & Infrastructure, Food Services, and Supply departments. The central procurement team are responsible for supporting these supply streams in terms of guidance and procurement services as required.

  • Chief Procurement Officer, Karen Laing
  • Procurement Manager, Jeremy Dyke
  • Contract Procurement provider, David Ray (Bendigo Health)

REDHS Procurement Capability Analysis

The REDHS procurement team will ensure that they access a range of supports and training to effectively met their procurement responsibilities. REDHS will work with HealthShare Victoria to roll out the new Procurement Training framework for relevant staff. The activity plan will ensure a range of training activities are completed in 2022 to expand the skills and capabilities of all team members.

Procurement Activity Plan 2022

The Rochester and Elmore District Health Service (REDHS) Procurement Activity Plan aims to provide detailed information to all employees of REDHS on the Procurement priorities for the coming 12 months.