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Rural Withdrawal Service

Rural Withdrawal Service

The Rural Withdrawal Service offers assistance to people of any age needing information, support and supervision to withdraw from substance abuse. At REDHS we provide support to patients who are withdrawing from alcohol and cannabis.

At the assessment, options available can be explored, including inpatient withdrawal at our Acute Care unit. The suitability of other services for detox rehabilitation can also be discussed.

How to access the service

Call us on (03) 5484 4400 to make an appointment with our AOD Nurse for assessment.

Health Care professionals external to REDHS may use Connecting Care.

Who is eligible for this service?

The Rural Withdrawal Service is available to anyone wishing to deal with the impact of substance use on their lives and detox from alcohol and cannabis. There are no age restrictions. Preference is given to residents of Rochester and surrounding communities, although enquires from other districts are welcome.

What is the cost to this service?

The Rural Withdrawal Service is free under Medicare.