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Donations, Bequests & Gifts


Although Rochester and Elmore District Health does receive government funding, donations enable us to expand programs and services, build new infrastructure and purchase the latest equipment that might otherwise not be possible.

A Memorial or In Memory Donation is a donation of money in memory of a love one, e.g. in lieu of flowers at a funeral.

Donations may be directed to a specific cause or service within REDHS or, where not specific, may be used for general purposes.

You can donate via:

  • IN PERSON at REDHS – speak to our friendly reception staff
  • MAIL – a cheque or money order to The Chief Executive Officer. PO Box 202, Rochester, Victoria 3561.
  • PHONE with credit card details. Call (03) 5484 4400
  • ON-LINE – see our secure online form below


REDHS welcomes bequests. Naming the Rochester and Elmore District Health Service in your will provides a lasting gift, a legacy to be used to provide facilities and equipment.

There are a number of ways to acknowledge REDHS including a general purpose bequest to be administered by REDHS or one that is specifically directed to a particular service provided at Rochester and Elmore District Health Service.

It is important that your will reflects your intentions and you should consult your solicitor or adviser.

Rochester and Elmore District Health Service will as far as possible and within reason, comply with any condition associated with a bequest.

People wishing to make a large donation or bequest are encouraged to make an appointment with the CEO to discuss their wishes in relation to their gift. The Board of Management will oversee all bequests greater than $10,000.

Gifts and Benefits

REDHS takes probity very seriously.  Any gifts or donations will be considered in light of our Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy.  The Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register ensures that Board members and employees of Rochester and Elmore District Health Service (REDHS) do not seek or accept gifts, benefits or hospitality for services performed in connection with their official duties.

Make a payment online

REDHS offers a secure online payment form so you may make a donation or bequest payment online. Donations can be one off or regular (recurring).