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Apply to enter Aged Care

REDHS provides high quality, residential support care for elderly, frail and disabled members of the community who have been classified as requiring a low or high level of care.  Low level respite care is provided in our hostel. Both facilities are currently accredited by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency of Australia. 

How to apply

REDHS Aged Care Administration requests that prospective residents (or their representatives) provide the following documents so that they can be placed on the waiting list:

1) Completed Application for Entry to an Aged Care Home

2) Current Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) assessment for permanent residential care

3) Power of Attorney (financial) if applicable)

Eligibility for residential aged care is determined after an assessment by a regional Aged Care Assessment Service is completed (i.e., permanent care and / or respite).

How to organise an ACAS assessment

  • Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 OR;
  • Visit the My Aged Care website and apply online
  • Your GP can assist with the process too.

Prior to entry

Prior to permanent entry, a current Income and Assets Assessment from Centrelink / Department of Veterans Affairs is requested. Means tested care fees may also be applicable.

Please note, however, it is not compulsory for everyone entering aged care to undergo this assessment. Income and Assets Assessments are necessary only if a person wants to establish their eligibility for an Australian Government subsidy for all or part of their aged care accommodation costs. Maximum room prices apply.

Advance Care Planning

We highly recommend all residents have an Advance Care Plan prior to entry.

Your GP can assist with this process, as can our Social Worker. Bookings can be made through our Intake Officer on (03) 5484 4465.

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