REDHS Services

Social Work

A Social Worker is someone dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities manage changes in their lives in order to improve their personal and social wellbeing through counseling and advocacy.
We offer counselling, art therapy, emotional support and information to individuals, carers and families.

REDHS’ Social Worker provides various services to our clients including:

  • Personal and family counselling and art therapies
  • Service information and facilitated referral or linking to relevant services – home care, in-home respite
  • Service coordination or care management – transition into aged care, hospital admissions and discharge,
  • Advocacy with individuals, families and particularly people experiencing social disadvantage – Advance Care planning

You may self-refer or be referred by your GP or My Aged Care. For more information, or to make an appointment, please call our Intake Officer on (03) 5484 4465.