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REDHS News – 16 June 2022

Yalukang Aged Care Redevelopment Update
The finishing line for our $2.7 million Aged Care Redevelopment is within sight.
If everything falls into place, the new-look facility will be unveiled to the public in mid-July.
The redevelopment has been undertaken in stages— a new dining room and four new single rooms initially, followed by the conversion of four remaining shared rooms into eight single rooms.
Keep an eye out for further details regarding the official opening celebrations a little closer to the date.

Consumer and Community Advisory Committee

Rochester and Elmore District Health Service appreciates community feedback.
Your input helps us to know what we’re doing right, where we might need to improve and what services you need now and in the future.
Members of the public are always welcome to contact REDHS to chat about any aspect of our work.
You can also give your feedback and suggestions to a member of the Consumer and Community Advisory Committee and they will pass them on.
There are three REDHS Board Directors on the Committee – Brad Drust (Chair), Kate Lemon and Jim Brooks.
There are currently seven Community Representatives – Judy Anderson, Lorraine Harris, Christine Wright, Joan Jenkins, Eddy Oogjes, Kate Lee and Judy Murray.
The Committee meets at least four times each year and provides information to our Board as well as taking REDHS information back out to the community.
Does this sound like a role that might interest you? Why not put forward an Expression of Interest?
The Committee works best when there are lots of different people with lots of great ideas involved.
To learn more about the Consumer and Community Advisory Committee, visit our website
You can also speak with one of the current members or contact Karen Laing, REDHS Chief Executive Officer, on (03) 5484 4400 or