Governance – Quality and Safety

OH&S Commitment

REDHS places the upmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of patients, staff, volunteers, families and visitors. We adopt a zero tolerance policy on violent and aggressive behaviour towards staff, other patients, visitors and volunteers.

REDHS acknowledges that it has a responsibility to provide all employees, contractors, patients, residents, volunteers and visitors of REDHS with:

  • a safe and healthy working environment
  • information, training and supervision
  • safe plant and systems of work
  • adequate facilities for the welfare of all

REDHS recognises that the best way to manage health, safety & wellbeing is through management and staff working together to identify and solve health, safety and wellbeing issues.

All staff at REDHS recognises their responsibility for establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all staff, contractors, patients, residents, clients, volunteers and visitors of REDHS.

Employees of REDHS shall fulfil their responsibilities to assist their colleagues and REDHS Management in achieving and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Speaking Up For Safety

REDHS delivers the Speaking Up For Safety™ program, developed by the Cognitive Institute. Speaking Up for Safety™ is an organisation-wide program to build a culture of safety by empowering staff to support each other and raise concerns. The program helps healthcare organisations overcome entrenched behaviours that can lead to poor patient outcomes. The program achieves culture change from within, normalising collegiate two-way communication to prevent unintended patient harm.